In order to raise money to finance its projects, Association Femmes d’Europe each year organises many Events: concerts, lectures, exhibitions etc.

Twice a year, on the occasion of the rotating Presidency of the European Council by the different Member States, the Association organises in Brussels a major cultural Event, the Gala. The programme is chosen in accordance with the relevant Member State. The presence of important personalities from this member state, plus senior officials from the European Institutions adds considerably to the prestige of the occasion.

Following a tradition built up since its founding, the Association each year organises a Christmas Bazaar. Thousands of visitors pass by the stands and refreshment areas. There they can find a wide variety of articles and products coming from the different Member States and indeed from many other countries across the world. Alongside traditional articles such as porcelain and pottery, leather goods, jewellery, clothing and Christmas decorations, you can also find stands selling home-made food, second-hand books and brocante.The Bazaar ends with an impressive Tombola, which, thanks to the high quality of the prizes which include airline tickets, hospitality in hotels and jewellery, is always a great success.

Only 3 % of the money raised is spent on administrative costs.

All the Events are organised by the Members, working together as volunteers, with invaluable support from sponsors which covers all the costs.

All the profits go to finance the humanitarian projects supported by the Association.

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Hygiene, water and sanitation
Agriculture and animal rearing
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Upcoming Events

16 Nov 2018
07:00PM -
Soirée avec Mozart et Da Ponte
01 Dec 2018
10:00AM - 05:30PM
Christmas Bazaar
06 Dec 2018
07:00PM -
Concert de Noël - Ensemble Vocal Kaïros
15 Jan 2019
02:00PM -
Over the Rainbow 2019 - lecture by Christiane Nastri


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